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The Process of Reading and Writing Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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The Process of Learning to Read and Write
As hard working students we know about the importance of reading and writing. Reading and writing are our regular work as well as that in order to be able to fully understand and focused in education, we should follow the basic rules and regulations in learning how to read and write, the type of reading where a reader uses different types of reading techniques. However, every reader and writer has their own style of reading and writing. Many people can grow their strategies in learning because they have their own unique styles of reading and learning.
In “Learning to Read and Write,” Frederick Douglass has states that the power of knowledge is very important in our life. The challenges he had to face in his condition of being a slave since childhood were very difficult from the start. His master’s did not want him to get an education or to learn anything that could make him educated because he was a slave. In Learning to read and write, Douglass expresses the importance of knowledge by describing to us how he was able to learn to read and write, what he discovered by being literate, how knowledge can sometimes make you feel frightful, and how knowledge provided the keys to the door of freedom to man and to the whole people who are slaves. He tries to enlighten that education and freedom are rights that every human being should have; education gives us the opportunity to identify ourselves to see who we are.
The fact that Douglass was not permitted to be educated was a harsh reality, but he did not allow restriction from getting an education. He says, “The plan which I adopted, and the one by which I was most successful, was that of making friends of all the little white boys whom I met in the street. As many of these as I could, I converted into teachers” (Douglass 119). What he is trying to say is that he tried to make new friends because he wanted them to teach him how to read since his mistress stopped teaching him...

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