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The Process of Performance Management Essay

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The employee appraisal process should be ongoing – not a once a year event.   This statement is strut because the appraisal process is a key link between employee behavior and an organizations strategic objectives.   Performance appraisals enable employers and employees to define, communicate and review expectations, goals and progress in achieving their goals.   Appraisals are intended to improve the way employees contribute to an organization’s goals and job performance.   Appraisals are also intended to sustain, improve and help an employee develop to overcome barriers to performance.   This should be an ongoing process by allowing employees to meet certain markers outlined in their appraisal and monitored by their boss and themselves.   If done well, the appraisal process provides feedback, guidance and encouragement for people to develop their skills.   This helps employees achieve personal goals as well as organizational goals.   Often employees are not getting the ongoing feedback and guidance they are seeking and need (Dusterhoff, Cunningham, & MacGregor, 2014).
Ongoing performance management is often difficult for managers to do because the manager does not have the time, is under enormous pressure and may have several employees to evaluate.   Many managers have challenges to managing performance.   To manage effectively, managers must incorporate actions and empowerment into the day to day actions to find solutions and provide feedback to each and every employee.   Direct communication is important and that is a skill set a manager may not have or needs to develop.   Attention to problems as they occur is more effective than letting them build up with no resolution. Some managers want to pass blame to employees in certain work situations. They must determine causes of poor performance before placing blame.   This comes from manager/employee perception and can differ.   Employees and managers can brainstorm to get ideas to resolve performance issues and implement...

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