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The Potrayal of Men in Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Marissa Pier
      2nd hour

      The Portrayal of Men

      In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the author, Zora Neale Hurston, writes about a woman named Janie who has marriages with three different men throughout her life. Each man controls Janie in his own way. The first, Logan, was an arranged marriage. He was controlling and only saw Janie as free labor. The second, Joe, came around and swept Janie off of her feet. However, the sweet talk didn’t last forever. Joe started to emotionally and physically abuse Janie. He was all about himself and only saw Janie as a trophy wife. The last of the three was Tea Cake. He was the best of her previous husbands because he treated her as an equal and spent time with her. Even though he was the best and the only one Janie ever truly loved, he still controlled her and abused her. The author portrays all the men in the novel to be misogynistic. This is a wrong assumption. Even though some men are controlling and mistreat women and have faults, not all men are the same.
Janie’s marriage to Logan was an arranged marriage set up by Nanny, her grandmother. It was a marriage without love and the only thing that kept Janie there was her respect for Nanny. Logan was much older than Janie and smelled bad. At first he was nice and did things for her like cut wood and bring water to the kitchen for her.   Soon, however, he started calling her spoiled and saying she was to independent. One night Janie and Logan are in bed and they talk. She tells him she had been thinking about them and he replies telling her how it was about time she thought of someone but herself. “It’s about time. Youse powerful independent ‘round here sometime considerin’.” (Pg. 30) He says these things because he thinks she thinks she is better than everyone else. His words are hurtful and harsh. She finally snaps back telling him maybe she’ll leave him. “There! Janie had put words to his long held in fears.” (Pg. 30) Logan is insecure and...

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