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The Personality Behind Starbucks Essay

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Contrary to popular belief, Howard Schultz was not the founder of Starbucks. Instead, Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice, as it was known, began in 1971 as a small coffee-house in Seattle, the vision of three other men, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker. A decade later, Schultz, who was selling kitchen equipment in New York City at the time, became curious when lots of coffee roasting equipment was being purchased by this small shop in Seattle. This led Schultz to Seattle to see what was going on. Excited by what he found in this fledgling business, Schultz envisioned having a chain of friendly, Italian-style espresso bars across the United States. At first, Baldwin, Siegel, and Bowker didn’t share this image, but Schultz pushed to join the company so he could learn the business; the threesome eventually hired Schultz as Starbuck’s marketing manager. After about a year, and the company now with four stores, Schultz convinced his bosses that thinking much larger might not be such a crazy idea. A few years later, Schultz grew Starbucks to 150 stores, and by 1990 the company began turning a profit. The template for Starbucks as we know it today-serving 10 Million customers a week from 3,300 stores around the world-was established.

Schultz is convinced that a huge part of the company’s success rests on his commitment to detail, making sure that every little thing is done right, even the look and feel of the stores. As he put it “We took things so fastidiously in terms of creating the visual, nonverbal cues of what it means to be in a Starbucks store.” Not all CEOs maintain such a careful watch over such seemingly minor details, but Schultz has insisted over the years that nothing is too minor for his attention. This is not to say that he insists on having things his way. Far from it! Schultz always has been committed to gathering everyone’s ideas and treating his employees fairly so that they are interested...

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