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The Once and Future King Essay

  • Submitted by: jayfee
  • on April 16, 2015
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King Arthur: Destiny Born In the Shadow of Greatness
The novel, The Once and Future King, by T.H. White, contains in its pages the story of the making of a great leader by the name of King Arthur. Just like some of the prominent leaders known today, his upbringing consists of performing humble tasks and facing some hardships. These experiences help a young boy named Wart transform into an inspiring, kind, and humble leader that comes to lead a great kingdom. Much like King Arthur, Barrack “Berry” Obama comes from a simple beginning. Obama works as a community organizer, and professor, things that helps him in his journey to becoming the respected leader of the United States. Another United States president, Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR, although he has to face the appearance of the disease of polio   and deal with a paralyzing blow in both his legs while he is still on his young journey to becoming a model leader, he is able to become an American statesmen and a political leader who has a key role in America during some of the worst years like The Great Depression, becoming the only President who was elected four consecutive times. FDR's trials are what stregthens   him and leader a desire in him resulting in him becoming a beloved and intelligent leader. Although Arthurs child hood consists of watching and learning from the leaders of a different world, in a way, his journeys are what shapes his ideas and views on what it means to be a tyrant, what it means to rule in a military style fashion and command great respect, what it means to earn the title of being leader, and over all, what a good king should be. All leaders, from the beginning of time, like that of King Arthur   became worthy to hold and stack claim to the title of leader after their lifes journey teaches them the skill and mind set they need to be an effective leader

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