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The Old Man and the Sea Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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The Old Man And The Sea
The Old Man and the Sea is about an old man named Santiago, who has not caught a fish in eighty-five days. He is a very old man who has fished his whole life and the sun burned skin with scars on his hands are there to prove it. Santiago is old school, he uses old equipment on a small boat but he is a very good fisherman that has had a string of bad luck. At the time he writes this story, Ernest Hemingway’s career has not been productive. He has not written a successful book in ten years. Ernest hemingway uses many of his own personal experiences in his books and continues this pattern of describing his life experiences within the descriptions of events in The Old Man and the Sea.
“The similarities between Santiago and Hemingway are remarkable. Both of them were struggling” (Kalbach). Santiago was a prosperous fisherman but because he has not caught a fish in eighty five days the townspeople think he has lost his reputation of being a great fisherman. Hemingway’s reputation was being questioned because it had been a long time between books. He and Santiago both had to prove themselves again to show that they are worthy (Kalbach). The literary critics shredded Hemingway on his book as the mako shark did to Santiagos marlin fish.
Hemingway had a simple writing style that was easy for everyday people to read and relate to. He did not use long complex sentences with challenging words, instead he kept it short and to the point (Shelokhonov).   When people read his books they had strong reactions to his stories. Sometimes his simple style could also be rough and crude. Sometimes his style was referred to as being “hard-boiled” (Nobelprize.org). Even though he was being criticised he still thought of himself as a good writer. Santiago was a simple fisherman who used traditional equipment and practices in fishing. He also knew he was a good fisherman even though the towns people doubted his abilities. He knew he could keep his lines straight and...

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