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The Nations Under God Essay

  • Submitted by: aubri21
  • on March 24, 2012
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The Nations Under God

There was a time in our country when there were clearly two systems/nations or groups, whatever you want to call them. Mainly they were referred to as the two nations under God, within the white America we lived in that is. This is an argument that blacks would find themselves in a questionable social debate, with Booker T supporting the liberal logical side, and with Du Bois stepping up to the plate defending his own philosophy among social black leaders. Washington Stating his opinion believing that all of the South should be able to help its self up by its own merits, taking heed to education, and being literate among each and not just depending and looking on to just one great leader, but a room of leaders rather than just single handedly naming one.
Comment: Booker T. Washington knew that blacks needed to gain education in order for them to reach their goals and he tried to help them with that. (Kawtar Nour)
My Response:
Kawtar has made a valid statement, and I strongly agree, because without an education goals would be much harder to reach, and helping people receive an education, was one of Washington’s main goal in life. Also setting the bar for his future to come.
Du Boise on the other hand though it would be a smart idea, to be represented by a selected handful of talented tenths! Which is almost believable when you’re living in those times. My question to Du Boise is, that why you be such a person to belittle others abilities to learn, educate, and lead, just because he feels personally that the talented tenth should represent all, that is nearly impossible to represent one entire race with individual gains. Unlike Du Boise Washington’s plan had much more promise, he knew the whites would need help, and that they would return help or leave in favor of that work being done for them. Thus enabling Washington to encourage blacks to get out and work, to eventually dominate the south, taking over originally former slave states.

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