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The Muses Essay

  • Submitted by: nenalove
  • on March 24, 2012
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Destiny Rodriguez
M-19 2/17/12
Expository Essay
A true leader is a person who treats their friends and fans with respect and love. Mindless Behavior   promotes peace all around the world, they also have a lot of   great confidence, and many people can look up to them even though they are a group of boys they are still great and wonderful leaders to everyone they especially have a big inpack on my life.
Mindless Behavior promotes peace all around the world because they want our world and there fans to safe and want us to live a happy life with quit. They travel the world with confidence and with so much respect. Every city they go to they are promoting peace and love with there fans they want people to relate to there music so people can know that you can do what ever you wanna do. Mindless Behavior care so much about the enviroment and the kids in hati   that they donated five million dollars for them to go to school.
Mindless Behavior is a group with high selfsteem, there great to hang out with because there wonderful infulences for there fans and friends MB gives good advice to there beautiful fans they care so much about there fans. Princeton (JaobPerez), Roc Royal (Trey Young), Prodigy (Craig Crippen Jr.), and Ray Ray (Raquan Jones) are all teenagers that met in audition in L.A and got signed to streamline records because of here since of style, there personality after that they just blew up radio stations and much more. And once they were doing that there fan based got bigger and everytime there supporting there fans with much love and peace with out there fans support they wouldn't be where there at right now they thank there fans each day for what they have done for them.

Mindless Behavior is a great role model beacause they give us   and there fans great advice on school and on our future,they show respect and have manners for their fans and adults they created there own movement when they got signed to streamline records they wanted everyone...

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