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The Most Unforgettable Dream Essay

  • Submitted by: ali2052
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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well everyone has a dream , for some one it might be beautiful and for another it migt be a nightmare.
I had once a dream too which I will prefer to call a night mare.

what I saw might astonish you but it really scared hell out of me.

I saw that I was standing beside a river taking a deep breath and suddenly there some water ripples began to float around the surface
a horrifying creature which i think was pretty much looking like a minotaurus appeared on the surface with a large and shiny sword in his hand.
my leg didn't move a bit as a sight of him was more than enough to freeze me.   he came near me and tried to knock my head off but although
i was terrified I managed somehow to save my head and I ran from there and kept on running without looking back until I found a wonderful
monument. It was made of glass and shining on all sides .it was indeed looking magnificent .It was a fort actually.
As I entered the gate of the fort and after a little walking I saw that at some large distance on a throne there was sitting a really beautiful fairy.
She was so beautiful that I even forgot the things I just had underwent and I couldnot take my eyes off her. As I approached her she statrted to look
even more beautiful. but when I reached there and I embraced her ,
she suddenly turned into an ugly looking witch . and the whole awesome looking fort was converted into a frightening looking ruin.
I instantly tried to get away from her but she kept a hold of me and she didn't let me go. I couldn't run and was terrrified.
and then my fear reached its zenith when i saw the same minotaurus with hos sword appear from nowhere and started walking towards me.
With the sight of minotaurus and the ugly witch I fainted and fell on the ground and then I woke up from my dream and therefore I cannot tell you
whether in my dream   I was cut off or I lived.

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