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The Metamorphosis Essay

  • Submitted by: kschrader12
  • on March 24, 2012
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The Metamorphosis
The Metamorphosis connects family love, embarrassment and neglect throughout many different parts of the story through characterization. Kafka uses characterization to show the readers what kind of dynamic character one may be through their appearances, actions, reactions, thoughts, and use of language. Knowing that gregor is now a “gigantic insect”, Kafka is able to create a different side of all the characters (106). Kafka adds this unrealistic twist in the story to create a different outlook on the character, as well as an attention grabber.
Gregor’s appearance is a very important part of the story, and also is the main cause of the conflict between his family and work. At first his appearance is common to all, just a normal young man, but then later his appearance’s change drastically. He’s changed in every physical aspect possible, “his numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes” (Kafka 106). His giant cockroach like image is described by “the soles at the end of his little legs were somewhat sticky”, and “he hadn’t really any teeth” (Kafka 114). Kafka does this to the character Gregor, as disguising the main character and so he can be noticed in very unique and different way. The way everyone looked at gregor was all in the plan; this was Kafka’s way of creating the story but using all different aspects, along with symbolism. There was so much talk going around about how he looked as one stated, “that was no human voice”(Kafka 113). Gregor is being categorized as an insect, without any human characteristic at all.   A simply change in appearance completely changed this family from the way they go about their daily lives, and to their relationships between one another. Gregor’s appearance is
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not only described once, everything from his “little legs” to his “dome-like brown belly”, but instead many times throughout the story. (Kafka 106,116).

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