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The Last Resort Review

  • Submitted by: hdurkin
  • on April 2, 2014
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I think our group performance overall was a success. We all contributed an even amount to produce a polished piece of drama we were all proud of. We did this through using different skills as well as using music and lighting to enhance our performance.

As my characters I used my body language, gestures as well as posture to develop my characters and to show the difference. For Kevin I had a very laidback body language and had a slouched posture as well as using typical boy gestures such as pointing at girls and “sexy” dancing. For the girl Karen I had a posture where I leant onto one hip, my body language was very confident as I would be showing off my body. Also the gestures I used were “model” poses to show that she was vain an d quite ditsy

The vocal expressions of my characters were very varied, such as for Kevin I had a slow pace with a low pitch and a laid back tone. All this showed that Kevin quite a cool typical lad who wasn't very energetic. Also   I put on a gruff Yorkshire accent to pitch point the difference between all of our boy characters. For Karen I had a fast pace with a high pitched voice and quite seductive tone. This together showed that Karen was a girl who acted before she thought, was used to getting her way and liked to flirt. Karen didn't really have a certain accent as I didn't want to give a bad impression therefore losing some of the reality of the character.

We used music and lighting to enhance our performance. For the beginning of the performance where the audience met the boys we had the music “we are the boys”. We decided on this as we thought the lyrics really described our characters which were typical boys who did what they wanted and liked to think of themselves as a womaniser. When the audience meet the girls for the first time we decide to have “Cheeky Girls”. This is because the music helped the audience understand what our characters were like( cheeky, flirty girls). Later on when the boys whip off their vest tops...

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