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The Joy of Quiet Essay

  • Submitted by: mussinas12
  • on March 31, 2014
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Engl 1100-28
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Author Pico Iyer, «The Joy of Quiet», emphasizes the problem due to the information overload. Soon after his arrival to Singapore he found out that people are willing to spend a fortune just on quiet. According to Philippe Starck, designer, the key success for him is that he lives outside generally accepted ideas which means alone and far away from civilization. Therefore the crucial role in his life plays the detachment from various sources of information. By using a combination of his personal experience and his own research he surprisingly notices that there are more and more people pay not for the comfort but for the lack of the internet access and other sources of information.   As a result, considerably more individuals will prefer hotels without TV in their room, which will cause a noticeable increase in supply of such convenience.
According to the author, our generation has managed to go from a tumultuous enthusiasm about the various devices that save time and greatly extends, to the desire to get rid of them - often in order to return back to the time currently. The more there is to stay in touch, the more of us want to be "out of range". Like teenagers, we first knew nothing about the world, and suddenly found out too much overnight.
The author has discovered how to tell marketers in Singapore that because luxury is a derivative of deficit the child of the future will seek above all the freedom, at least for a time, from the flashing devices, streaming video and flip through headlines that make you feel at the same time empty and packed data.
Half a century ago, Marshall McLuhan, who came closest to understanding what will happen, warned: "If the person too quickly inundated with information, he loses touch with himself."
Pico Iyer describes that people almost do not have time to notice how little time they have. The more information pours out on us the less we pay attention to its individual fragments. The only...

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