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The Influence of Media on Sport Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Influence of Media on Sport" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A newspaper article is one of the oldest methods of addressing topics on football to a wide amount of people. Newspapers can go two ways, they can be biased to a certain player and either give them a bad image or they can praise the player usually depending on their performance or something they have done outside a sport. However, people do not realise how much a newspaper can influence people’s views and are known to be very critical about teams, giving them a bad image.
A broadsheet is a type of newspaper that gives a more in depth detail about the game and about the game itself, meaning you read more about the results and players performance and read less about football player’s scandals. They also tend to be less biased and have a lot more truth than red-head tabloids such as the Daily Mirror and The Sun. These can be identified by a huge title on the front page of which the main intention is to grab the reader’s attention.
An example of red-head tabloid papers being biased towards a player is when Fabio Capello managed England in the 2010 World cup where they praised him for his flawless campaign in the qualifiers where they gave him the nickname ‘Fab Cap’. However losing to Germany 4-1 they attacked him on a regular basis. Capello has 28 wins and only 6 losses as England manager which in my opinion should be praised rather than criticized. This goes to show that newspapers have a huge impact on the view of people portrayed in red-headed tabloids.
Another example of the influence of newspapers is David Beckham’s red card in the 1998 World Cup where he kicked Diego Simeone on his calf muscle while lying on the floor. With England then losing the game by penalties, the English media needed a scapegoat for the poor performance shown as a team, so they blamed young and upcoming Manchester United player David Beckham. The Mirror wrote a headline named “Ten heroic lions, one stupid boy”. You could also get David Beckham dartboards in papers so the...

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