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The Impact Of Ms Essay

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The symptoms of MS depend to some extent on the
location and size of the sclerosis. Symptoms may
include numbness, slurred speech, blurred vision,
poor coordination, muscle weakness, bladder dysfunction,
extreme fatigue, and paralysis. There is no way to
know how the disease will progress for any individual,
because the nature of the disease can change. Some
people will have a relatively benign course of MS
with only one or two mild attacks, nearly complete
remission, and no permanent disability. Others will
have a chronic progressive course resulting in severe
disability. A third group displays the most typical pattern,
which is periods of exacerbations, when the disease
is active, and periods of remission, when the
symptoms recede yet generally leave some damage.
People with MS live with an exceptionally high degree
of uncertainty, because their disease can change from
one day to the next. Dramatic downturns as well as
dramatic recoveries are not uncommon.
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* This case was written by Ann K. Buchholtz, Rutgers University. It was written
from public sources, solely for the purpose of stimulating class discussion. All
events are real. The author...

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