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The Help Book Report

  • Submitted by: kay5lee
  • on March 21, 2012
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Frist Quarter Book Report

1. The tittle of the book is THE HELP
2. The setting of this book is Jackson Mississippi
3. The athor is Kathryn Stockett   and the copyright date in 2009
4. In this book it is written in frist persons but wsitches from chapter to chapter
5. The protagonist in this steoy is Aibileen
6. The three antagonists in this Miss Hilly because she runeds the "town" in a way what she said goses, then theres Miss Leefolt who dose anything that Miss Hilly tells her and if Mis Hillyneeds new spred Miss Leefolt will spred it, and the other antgonists is Missus Stein because she bring the dead line up and up.
7. The foil character is Miss Hilly   because she so conterictery to Aibileen waer Hilly is meen and malicious and Aibileen kind and helpful
8. The exposition of the story stars in Miss Leefolts house here the wemens leeg meet every third wesday for brige. Miss Hilly sarts talking about why   whites and the help (blacks) should have seperet bathrooms because they cares disesis.   she saids that she is going to try to get a law past saying that every white person needs a seperit bathroom in there house.
9. The rising action of the book is when Missus Stein calls Miss Skeeter say that she should wright and make her ceerer but she should get some experence right in the papper. following her advice she got a job   at the local papper wrighting the Miss Merna colom. the Miss Merna colom is a cleaning colom as a whit girl raised by the help she asked Miss Leefolt if she could talk to her help wicht is Aibileen to help her anser the questens for the clomen. by sending so much time with her, Skeeter has this ideal to wright a novel froms the helps point of vew. she timmidly ask Aibileen if sh would br the first maid to tell her story   about the white peopple she worked for good and bad things .
10. The turning piont in this story is after every maid the Aibileen asked said no.and on night a young boy was blineded by white man for ushing a white...

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