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The Go Between Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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”The Go-Between” - Written by Ali Smith

In the story we follow the protagonist who is a 33-year-old man. He was born in Cameroon, but the reader meets him in Ceuta in Northern Morocco. Here he spends his time helping people cross the border fence to Spain. He is a self-proclaimed border crosser – he is the “Go-Between”. The short story problematizes the fact that refugees who have been forbidden to cross the border get help from the protagonist, which is not in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through the protagonist we hear about the refugees’ ecstatic yells when they reach their goal: Europe. But the question is: What is his own perception of Europe? To answer this we must take a closer look at him.

The protagonist has had a rough past. He has seen a lot of horrifying torture done to the people who cross the borderline, and he has lost the upper part of his ear getting over the fence and his third finger on an underwater fence. On one hand he seems to despise Europe – especially the police office: ”They took all the food they found” (l. 56) and they ”left them with no water” (l. 57). He claims not to have “the Spanish blindness” as some refugees have: ”I don’t have this particular blindness.” (l. 76). On the other hand he dreams about “walking down the big streets of Madrid with their fine stately buildings” (l. 112). This shows his immediate fascination of Europe, but in his dream he ends up spoiling the streets of Spain. This shows his inner confusion: Europe is the symbol of freedom and possibilities, but nevertheless you loose some of yourself when you are forced to move from your home. In other words he has a hard time figuring out where to go and where to live, and when he finally is on the Spanish side of the border he just stays there, right beside the border, instead of finding a place to live. In the end he describes how he walks down the street without anyone noticing him and he describes how he keeps his ears covered...

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