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The French Revolution's Symptoms of Change Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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The French Revolution's Symptoms of Change

Alexander Palines

Modern History
Dr. Mallon
9 December 2013
The French Revolution's Symptoms of Change
The French Revolution was bloodier than the American Civil War. People usually compare wars to disease as seen in Crane Brinton's "The Anatomy of Revolution". First comes the symptoms, then the crisis stage soon followed by the end of the crisis stage, and finally a period of convalescence which could be interrupted by relapse as stated in Brinton's novel (Brinton). In regards to the French Revolution, only one virus existed; King Louis XIV.
France before the French Revolution was ruled by a monarchy. When it was Louis XIV's turn to rule, everything went haywire. Both of his parents died when he was young, so he started his ruling when he was a child. When he became an adult, he was spoiled and made terrible decisions, mostly economically. He was highly egotistical to the point where he considered himself a god, more specifically the Sun God/King. All of France's money was used to pamper Louis and improve the Palace of Versailles, where he lived. He eventually passed away, but had a son, Louis XV and grandson, Louis XVI. Neither of the two were any better which extended France's sickness. They both did the same things Louis XIV did, and then some. Everyone hated the three Louis. By the time Louis XVI ruled, no one except him benefitted from his actions, giving the appearance that France was being ruled under a tyranny. (Indiana University)
The people of France, especially the peasants, had enough of this madness and revolted. The revolt of the people put the king on a "suspensive" veto disabling his power. The king attempted escape to create a new army to take back France, but was soon discovered on the outskirts of France. He was then put under house arrest and eventually beheaded along with the rest of his family. With the king out of the picture, votes were separated by the number of representatives of...

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