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The Financial and Banking System of Argentina Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Financial and Banking System of Argentina" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Financial and Banking System of:
In Partial Fulfillments of the
Course Requirements
FIN 4634
International Banking
Prepared for:
Marcos A. Kerbel
Participating Adjunct Professor
Department of Finance & Real Estate
Florida International University
Miami, Florida
Prepared by:
November/30/ 2014

The Financial and Banking System of:
I. Table of Contents                                 2
II. Geography 4
III. History of the Country   6
IV. The Country's Financial System
a. Historical Overview 10
b. Present Monetary Laws and Regulations 11
c. Types of Financial Institutions operating in the country 12
d. The Central Bank           12-13
e. Bank Regulation 13
f. Commercial Banks Operating in the country 15
1. Commercial           15-16
2. Savings & Mortgage Banks 17
3. Other Financial firms 17
V. Country’s Balance of Payment and Balance of Trade- Principal Sources of Exports, Imports, investments, and funds transfers, etc. 18
VI. Foreign Reserves 19
VII. Current Situation of the country's currency 20
VIII. Risk those banks in the selected country face- such Currency, Political, Regulatory, Crime, etc. 20
IX. What is the Country doing about Preventing, Detecting and Eradicating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing? 21
X. Important Bank Failures and Scandals in the Country. 22
XI Summary and Conclusion:         22-23
XII What is the Future Outlook for this Country and its Financial System? 23
XIII Would you Approve Lines of Credit for Banks in this Country? 24
      Explain Your Yes or No Decision.
XIV Appendices 25
XV Works Cited 31

Geography of Argentina
Argentina, a beautiful country...

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