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The Female Orgasm Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Female Orgasm
Prompt: It is suspected that the female orgasm provides support for the evolutionary history of short-term mating.   Is short-term mating a way for females to narrow down the pool of potential reproductive candidates? Provide research in support of this theory. Then explain how female orgasm helps create better genetic reproduction.  

The female orgasm may provide some evidence in why women engage in short-term mating. Studies have shown that women are more likely to experience sexual orgasm with men who are masculine and physically attractive (Puts, Welling, Burriss, & Darwood, 2012). Other evidence has shown that women are likely to have sexual orgasm with men who have facial asymmetry (Thornhill, Gangestad, & Comer, 1995). These studies provide evidence that there may be a correlation between male genetic quality and the female orgasm. Perhaps the female orgasm functions as a mate selection device, providing clues about the quality of the man she is having copulations with.
In the first article Puts et el. (2012) studied the relationships between the genetic quality of men (attractiveness, dominance, facial asymmetry and masculinity) and the frequency and timing of copulatory orgasm in their female partner. The studied examined 110 couples, which 98% of the participants were white. For the study, participants were photographed and the photos were masked so that the photo showed no hair, neck or clothing. These photos were assessed by judges (9 women; 9 men), who rated the photographs on attractiveness and masculinity, which then produced an overall score for each photo. The participants additionally completed a questionnaire in which they rated self-attractiveness, partner’s dominance and partner’s masculinity/femininity.   Also the participants were questioned on the percentage of time they experienced orgasm with their partner and orgasm during self-masturbation. The results of this study showed that male masculinity positively and...

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