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The Edge of Darkness Essay

  • Submitted by: Amor3Luck
  • on April 1, 2014
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Video Analysis #1

The Edge

Title Theme:   Rivalry, Intragroup Conflict, and Cooperation Between Two Men Fighting for Survival

Plot:   The Edge is a riveting film depicting two men who do not trust each other.   It stars Anthony Hopkins who portrays Charles Morse, who is a billionaire married to a beautiful model Mickey, played by Elle Macpherson, and a fashion photographer, Robert Green, played by Alec Baldwin.   Morse is a very intelligent man whose mind soaks up information like a sponge.   He is also the type of man who seems to mistrust everyone, thinking everyone wants his money.   Green is a cocky photographer who is having an affair with Morse’s wife.   Although Morse suspects the two are having an affair, he needs more proof.   Morse and Green seem like friends, yet there is a lot of cynicism between the two.   While on a photo shoot in Alaska, Morse, Green, and a photo assistant, Stephen, played by Harold Perrineau take an excursion into the wilderness of Alaska when their plane crashes.   The three men are stranded and unprepared for the days ahead.   The dynamics of this small group with three different characters and the conflicts they have between them, is trumped for the sake of survival.
Analysis: Green and his wife, Morse and his wife, and Stephen seem to all know each other and get along well.   There is mistrust in the group between Morse and Green.   Morse believes Green is having an affair with his wife.   There is intragroup conflict from he beginning of the film.   Morse and Green are both independent men, each one out to keep the prize, who is Mickey.   When the plane crashes and three men are put to the test of survival, everything changes.   Instantly, a threat to the men’s survival is introduced and must be overcome.   Morse, who is a billionaire and well read and intelligent needs to put his emotions regarding Green aside.   Green needs to put his envy and cockiness aside.   Green and Stephen need a group...

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