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The Doll's House Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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The Doll’s House Essay,

In the short story The Doll’s House, by Katherine Mansfield, the writer uses a number of language techniques to enhance the theme and meaning of the story. These include the quality of showing not telling, the use of effective verbs, and the use of animal images to describe certain characters. The author also mentions tiny detail in order to make the idea of discrimination, due to social class, seem more vivid or realistic. These language techniques enhance the writer’s idea that in colonial Wellington, class structure dominates the standards of people in the society and contributes to the shaping of different attitudes. The reader is able to clearly see the personalities of the many characters through these techniques, and thus allows for the writer to outline the class conflict involved. The portrayal of the main idea that those people who are in the top social class mostly did not think too much about those at the bottom is also clear through the effective use of these language features and furthermore, arouses strong emotions within the reader. This thus provides the basis for the reader to understand that the ability to see beautiful things and have treasured experiences is not limited to those with status.

An important technique within the short story is the use of showing not telling. Throughout the story, readers are not told that the Burnell family is rich but we are able to understand this through the way in which this family, and in particular the children, are described. This technique helped to make the writer’s idea clear that people who are in the top social class, the Burnell family in this story, did not think a lot about those that are in the lower social class, and that they are the people who set the standards for everything, even when they themselves do not have very high moral values and desirable attitudes. The Burnell family receives a lot of respect from both the teachers and other children at school, and...

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