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The Day In The Life Of a Pay Phone Essay

  • Submitted by: tgal7972
  • on March 22, 2012
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A Day in the Life of a Pay Phone
James A. Forrest once said, “Everyone has a story to tell.”   Whether it is read from a book or someone tells you, it is a story nonetheless.   In our world, there is so much to comprehend, to discover, to understand.   Spectatorship helps us interact with our world and knowledge helps us understand it and the stories hidden within and this is why it is so important to be a spectator.   However, humanity makes the mistake of taking things for granted.   For instance, technology runs the world, cell phones being a big part of the generation today.   As I was walking down state street in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, California, everywhere I turned there was someone texting or talking on a cellphone.   Now continuing my stroll along the lane I end up passing a pay phone randomly placed on the corner of the street.   This pay phone seemed a tad unique for it was in cased in wood instead of the normal metal or red furnishing shown in movies like “Phone Booth”.   Normally a pay phone is in a metal casing with the Verizon label displayed across the top and yet this one looked vintage.   It had brand new yellow pages below the actual telephone that seemed untouched.   As I drew closer to open the book, it still consisted of that “new book smell” with a hint of morning dew.   Looking above to see the markings upon the metal telephone and the connection box, I could not help but to contemplate, “How on earth did this one happen? Or this one?”   I continued to investigate and saw that around the connection box were stickers, some half torn off to where someone attempted to take it off but they were unsuccessful.   The first sticker I saw was a white ghostly figure that had mischievous eyes and a bright red tongue sticking out. The ghost’s hands were clasped in a position that looked as if it was originally rubbing its hands in a sinister manner. Its face was a bit distorted for the sticker was half torn.   The second sticker was a small, simple red...

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