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The Dark Fishie with Oschie Moshie Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Johnny Cash
Final Exam/Evaluation (Covers chapters 5-13)
December 6, 2013

Discuss the spirituality of the nurse-patient relationship (the covenant between patient and nurse).
The nurse-patient relationship has always been a unique relationship. Both the patient and nurse bring personal variables into the relationship such as demographics, family history, ethnicity, and religion. The nurses words throughout this relationship are very meaningful. The nurses' words are used to label specific concepts on a scale of interaction, making the nurse an anonymous minister. As an anonymous minister the nurse enters into a sacred covenant of caring and healing the sick.
The covenant between the nurse and patient is dependent on trust between both the nurse and patient. The nurse-patient relationship not only sets up appropriate role behaviors and attitudes, but also supports trust. Covenant is a Hebrew word which means “binding agreement or pact”. We also see covenants in the Bible, like the covenant between God and the disciples, or the first covenant (between God and Abraham). The covenant between the nurse and patient is understood as “the unconditioned commitment to be of service”, and that is what the nurse is to the patient.
Give an example of how a nurse might provide spiritual care for a chronically ill patient.
Patients who are chronically ill often have a rough time with the disease(s) they are experiencing. With that being said, spiritual practice can often be critical to chronically ill patients. A patient's spiritual well-being is central to coping with the physical and psychological symptoms they experience. It is a responsibility of the nurse to initiate the spiritual care for their patient.
Chronically ill patients are often found at home, hospital, or clinic. The spiritual care that is carried out by the nurse will be impacted by the surroundings of the patient, depending where they are. Spiritual care will help the patient's emotional state and...

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