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The Case of Continental Cements Essay

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Continental Cement Co. Ltd.-A Case
The case presents a scenario of a company involved in a tangle of issues which are basically people’s issues .It depicts the social responsibilities and business ethics   which the company tries to handle while addressing its business issues.
The company presented in the cases is a cement manufacturing company, having its own mining facilities.   It is in the verge of bringing in new technologies, establish world-class standards by going in for ISO9000 Certification as well as ISO 14000 certification and wants to live up to its image. The local villages and the society grew in the past few decades, population explosion showed its pressures on resources and facilities and villages expanded using every inch of land available. People searched for more attractive earning opportunities and their aggressiveness and assertiveness   increased with the increased competition for resources.
In its efforts to introduce new technologies for improving its productivity levels, the company introduces a new method of undertaking limestone excavation/mining by going in for a new explosive system. However, the blasting affects one of the neighboring village and villagers resist the company attempts to continue with the mining activity as they perceive it to be hazardous to their habitat.
The case tries to bring forward issues involved in the current situation and posing   a challenge for decision-making. The crux of the case is in bringing to the fore the dilemmas faced by the key executives of the company and their attempt in trying to steer the company through and help it discharge its duties as a responsibilities corporate citizen, while protecting its business performance standards. The Case is presented as a chronicle of events over a short period of time, so as to emphasize the increasing complexities as they develop in real time situations.

The Saga as unfolded – a dairy mode

28th March 1999,10.15 hrs.
Mr.Vijaya Kumar,...

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