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The Book Theif Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Describe and explain how the society of “The Book Thief” impacted on Liesel.  
“The Book Thief,” an amazing and descriptive novel written by Marcus Zusak, gives a particularly good insight into the poor and vulnerable Germans of the Nazi German era.   Liesel had the extreme hardship of witnessing the world of Nazi Germany turn to chaos, with almost everyone who she loved dying or suffering as a result. Liesel was affected immensely by the society, both physically and mentally, and her opinions were changed throughout the book. From the beginning to the end of the book Liesel has had to face many challenges, resulting only in herself being a good person and showing the good side of Germany.
The society of Nazi Germany would end up being not the Utopia that Hitler so desperately wanted it to be for the Germans, but the complete opposite, and Liesel had the extreme hardship of having to grow up in it.   Un-aware of why her mother sent her away, Liesel was feeling neglected and un-wanted, one of the many of the unfair aspects of the book that hint towards Nazi Germany. “Her starving Mother, her missing father. Her dead brother.” This was her life so far, before the train journey to the next stage of her life; her foster parents. The example above was only the beginning of the tragedies that would occur in Liesel’s time in Nazi Germany. “They’ll come for us,” “They’ll come and take us away.” “We have to find it!” Mama was fretting over the Nazi flag, which they had misplaced. It seems like such a simple thing, but not displaying the flag on Hitler’s birthday would have been seen as an immediate insult, and it had to be visible. This confirms how controlling the Government was, and how readily they could just come and kill an ‘unfaithful’ citizen, without any remorse what so ever.   However, in the midst of the unhealthy war going on in Germany’s attempt to ‘get to the top,’ Liesel Meminger was the only one to survive on Himmel street after the street was bombed. She...

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