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The Boeing Company Essay

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November 28, 2010
University of Phoenix: Bellevue Campus
MGT 330: Dennis Franecki

Management planning very well could be the most important part of an organization large or small. In the case of the hugely complicated Boeing Corporation it is essential for their survival. The Boeing Corporation makes aircraft for military use as well as commercial use.   The airliners perform military operations, carry passengers and carry cargo from any one point on the planet to another. There are strict regulations on performance and safety due to the usage of the plans. The FAA or Federal Aviation Administration regulates these standards and makes sure that no matter what flight is in the air that it is safe for everyone. Because there are so many factors for the Boeing Corporation to take into consideration when making an airplane there must be extensive planning in place in order for them to be an efficient and effective business. It is no secret that management planning plays a major role in the success of Boeing and it is used on each and every level from the ground up.
The planning function of management is the process of setting objectives and goals for an organization to achieve over a period of time. Ideally the plan itself will include tasks and actions that are to be completed in order to reach and end result or goal. Well-planned plans will also take into account unseen problems, variables, or changes. The benefit of planning for an unseen mishap is that an organization can then avoid any confusion or chaos that might come along with the change. In the Boeing Corporation planning is key at every level, in every department. To remain effective and efficient Boeing sets goals in its product-testing department, mechanical department, sales department, and engineering department, along with many others. There is a particular set of guidelines that go along with each goal that will instruct the employees how each will be achieved. In the guidelines employees will...

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