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The Black Death Essay

  • Submitted by: nancyjean74
  • on April 17, 2015
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Nancy Williams
English 101
Section 113

Know Truer Love

As I read “Those Winter Sunday’s” by Robert Hayden, I could not help but think what those words meant to me. “Speaking indifferently to him, he who had driven out the cold.” It does amaze me how so many words can be said to say the same things. Yet no truer words have been spoken when the realization strikes of how much you are loved by another.
I was told I was much too young to remember my mother’s remarrying. I was almost three. I do remember, I never saw my biological father much.   John (that’s his name) lived in another state. I can remember being forced on a plane kicking and screaming for yet another summer visit. I was caught in two worlds; one father I did not know and one I was expected to live with, a stranger. Cliff, or Daddy as everyone called him or stepdad to me, he was nice enough. A career Coast Guard man,   22 years to be exact. He also had another family with four kids who were not happy there would be another baby in the family. For me this strange world went on for another year or so. I can recall being taken to see New Dad one afternoon on the base where he worked. New Dad was yelling at these men and I was scared. I was scared of him. He saw me and he tried to pick me up. He tried to comfort me, but I was terrified and he knew it. I’m not sure if that’s when things started to change or I started to change.
Many things change in a family’s dynamics, mine is no different. It is said that that you see a person’s true character when no one is watching.   Diddy retired some six months after “the incident”. He started working for the outside world. He came home every night for dinner. We would play for hours, all the girlie stuff, dolls, princess, you name it. As we both got older, playing with dolls stopped but the time we spent together didn’t. My dad would come home from work; I’m sure exhausted but never showed it. Every night after dinner we were in the middle...

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