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The Baddest Dog in Harlem Essay

  • Submitted by: Xplicitdnuul
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Baddest Dog in Harlem

The extract of the novel "The baddest dog in Harlem" starts off with 4 guys arguing about, who the best boxer of the history was.   During the seeming less never ending discussion, in which a fifth member had joined, two cop cars came around the corner, in high speed. The cops pulled up next to the discussing group, and stepped out of their cars with guns drawn.
We are in the Harlem area in New York, a place where you do as the cops say, when they come to interrogate you, because it is considered a dangerous and criminal area, and cops are more likely to take hasty decisions in such areas. As the cops came towards the group of five, they quickly prayed to god, before every man made sure that the policemen were able to see their hands at all times.
The cops started asking questions towards the group, as another cop came along, and said something to the others. This made the cops pay attention to a building a little bit down the street, and the narrator of the story saw the building as well. The group was ordered by the cops to stay seated at the rail they already sat, but as the policemen began to more and more feverish, the five guys crawled inside a diner close to the rail.
Just before the gunfight started, a lady walked out on the street, and started yelling for her son, Junior, telling him to come back inside, to come back to safety.
Suddenly hell breaks loose, and cops starts firing 100s of shots at the apartment. It is very chaotic out on the street, with policemen slipping in dog doo. Shots keep getting fired of, but suddenly it stops.
The group walks outside, to see what has happened, and our narrator gets into a nasty situation, where he is forced by the policemen, to join them in investigating the apartment they had just been shooting at, because the woman living in the apartment demanded to have a black man at her side, as they would enter the building. Our narrator doesn't feel well walking into the building, as he has...

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