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The Apple Essay

  • Submitted by: Herman92
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Apple Royal Gala 4173
I was asked to do an observation assignment on a fruit or vegetable. When I thought about it, I remembered while I was young I used to eat apples pretty well because my dad always wanted me to eat it every single day and he said that an apple a day keeps the doctor aways. Evertime he gave an apple to me, he would mention the proverb for me to remind me. Although I used to eat apples a lot but I don’t really know how depth I know well about apples. Therefore, I chose an apple to be my observation object.
I opened my refrigerator and luckily I found that my housemate just bought a bag of apples so I took an apple after I had asked for permission. It was cold and solid ice-like skin when I took it out and I could see the tiny water vapor formed on its skin. It has three mixed colors and that were red, green and white but red covered the most. The shape was not completely round and it has a greenish-brown color stalk. I turned around the apple and I noticed that it has two concave holes at the top and bottom of the apple. At the same time, I noticed that one side of the apple looked brighter in red and another side looked brighter in greenish-white.
When I was holding it closer to my eyes, I noticed some spots had slightly bruised and formed tiny concave shape. Besides, I found it has many red spots on its skin. Surprisingly, I found it has small star-shape leaves at the bottom concave holes and it looked like the leaves were covered by something like ‘mould’. At this moment, I felt extremely disgusted if I eat it without washing the apple. I felt bored and impatient after doing thirty minutes of observation. I lost my attention and went to reply my friend’s message. I listened music for ten minutes and finaly I got my attention back to the observation.
I sniffed the skin and the smell is faint but it is still hard to pinpoint what kind of smell was that. Then, I tapped at the skin and the sound was not hollow. It sounded more like a solid...

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