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The Anglo Saxons Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The Anglo Saxons
Who were the Anglo Saxons?
The Anglo Saxons was a group of Germanic people who invaded Great Britain between the fifth and eleventh centuries. The name, Anglo Saxons was first used  in England at the court of Alfred the Great, who came to the throne as King of the West Saxons, but redefined his title as King of the Anglo-Saxons in the 890s, to mark his rulership over all free English people.

The Anglo Saxons changed a lot of things in Britain; some of them are the language, architecture and literature. I am now going to talk about the three topics.
Old English, sometimes called Anglo-Saxon, was the language spoken under Alfred the Great and continued to be the common language of England until after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Anglo Saxons changed many words and made it language easier to speak and to pronounce words. They made it easier to have a conversation with other people. Old English is far closer to early Germanic than Middle English. It is less Latinized and retains many morphological features (nominal and verbal inflection) that were lost during the 12th to 14th centuries. The languages today which are closest to Old English are the Frisian languages, which are spoken by a few hundred thousand people in the northern part of Germany and the Netherlands.
Early Anglo-Saxon buildings in Britain were generally simple, not using masonry (murverk) except in foundations, but constructed mainly using timber with thatch for roofing. They did not prefer to settle within the old Roman cities, the Anglo-Saxons built small towns near their centres of agriculture, at fords (vadesteder) in rivers or sited to serve as ports. In each town, there was a main hall in the centre, provided with a central hearth (ildsted).
Some around fifty churches in Britain are of Anglo-Saxon origin, with many more claimed to be. All surviving churches, except one timber church, are built of stone or brick and in some cases show...

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