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The American Work Ethic Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Below is an essay on "The American Work Ethic" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

America was built on hard work and hard work cultivated the lands. It’s in their DNA that you work hard for what you want. The early settlers came to North America in the 1770’s so they were free from the controls that existed in the European societies. They wanted to escape from the controls by kings, governments, priests and churches and so on. The decisions that they made had an important and very strong influence on the American character and values today. Because of the limited power from the government and churches, it made a mindset for the Americans based on individual freedom. That means that you can control you own destiny without any outside interference from an organized authority such as the government and church. Based on this Americans were, and still are, seeing self-reliance as a very important belief. It means that you need to rely on yourself and take care of your own problems. They believe that you have to if you want to keep your freedom.
Another thing they value very high is that they believe in equality of opportunities. This does not mean that they think that everyone should be equal but that all people should have an equal chance to succeed at what they want. For example those who are born into rich families have more opportunities than those who are born into poorer families, but they can all get there, some people just to work harder than others. This attracted a lot of immigrants who came to America with basically nothing and started from the bottom to work their way up, so naturally hard work became a part of who they were. It became both necessary and rewarding for the Americans throughout the history as from all the work they did they got more and more material possessions. The social status and the measure of their success were based on the material wealth, so therefore were the material possessions very important. Even though equality of opportunities is something they say they value, it can be debated whether or not they actually...

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