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The Abolitionist Movement: Notes/Rough Essay Material

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  • on April 14, 2015
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The Anti-Slavery movement
Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal.”
The response: Colonization Movement
Return free blacks to Africa: special country of “Liberia” setup for this purpose
President Monroe supported this idea. Why would blacks be in support?
Thought they would never be free in America.
Most blacks however opposed colonization.
Instead of accepting the response: The Abolitionist Movement began to grow.
Abolition = get rid of slavery all together
Top leaders were: Frederick Douglas who escaped slave who found courage to0 speak out.
He wrote an autobiography and published an anti-slavery newspaper “The North     Star”
William Lloyd Garrison who was a white, northern abolitionist who founded “The   Liberator”, the most well known and influential anti-slavery newspaper
An Underground Railroad: an elaborate network ob abolitionists that helped slaves escape to the   North for freedom
Harriet Tubman was the person most associated with the Underground     Railroad, he escaped slavery and helped over 300 fellow slaves escape
“Conductors” helped slaves to overnight safe houses and often hid them       in wagons for the trips
Reaction to the abolitionist movement: In the North, many mill owners depended on Cotton from   the South, where they feared harm to their livehood, they   feared average workers would lose their jobs to blacks
Sojourner Truth: former slave who traveled the United States speaking the “truth” about women's equality (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)
she married an abolitionist (Henry Stanton) and joined the women's rights cause: became an influential speaker
Seneca Falls Convention: delegates met to discuss women's rights about 200 women and 40 men: passed a resolution that demanded rights at work, school, church and home
Susan B. Anthony joined the cause!
Campaigns were successful in several areas: Some states passed new laws for women's rights such as allowing them to keep property and wages

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