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The 1960 Essay

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Aniya Betts
Mr. Templeton
Physical Systems (5hr)
Space Exploration Isn’t Worth Our Money
The 1960's brought new advancements for all of Earth, but space exploration isn’t worth all we
spend on it. When machines and men were sent into space; this sparked a new government
agency, called NASA. Space was a new frontier, and virtually everyone was interested in exploring it.
Over the years, there have been much advancement in technology, but minimal discoveries in space.
  Yet we have spent more money on Space Exploration. Space exploration shouldn’t continue because of
the USs’ complications with food, money, weapons, and power. And what good is it if the only relevant
problem it solves is overpopulation and lack of resources, which has a simpler solution. Exploration of
the final frontier does not have to continue in order for human life to continue.

              Space exploration shouldn’t continue; because of the large cost. Right now the United States is
facing economic disaster on a scale few nations have ever experienced. Most people are unaware of the
easily observable signs of this crisis. We import much more than we export. (Thomas Heffner)We need
to focus on fixing our middle class and regaining control over our poverty areas in our states. 76% of
overpopulation is out of our lower class and income areas.

Well, think about who will have access to all our resources found in space. Some say; we will
find resources to bring back to better our living. Maybe something worth more than money, or
more durable metals, and gases the will replace our oil. There is an estimated 680 million chronically
hungry people in the world. When time comes and we are to move to another planet; those 680 million
people will be here; still hungry, and will see people leave them behind.

          Space exploration needs to be treated as a hobby. It’s not the necessity; people make it out to be. In fact mini organizations have...

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