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Textual Analysis - Jack Laytons Letter to All Canadians

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Jack Layton was a Canadian social democratic politician and the Leader of the Official Opposition.   He was leader of the New Democratic Party from 2003 until 2011, when he had to stepd down due to illness.   In the 2011 federal election, before Layton’s diagnosis with fatal cancer, Layton led his party to gain a historic rise in seats (resulting in 103 seats).   During his political career, Jack Layton became known for passion and determination towards improving the political system and achieving social justice.   It is undeniable that Jack Layton became a well respected political leader, as well as beloved Canadian figure.  
Two days before his death, Jack Layton wrote a personal letter addressed to all Canadians.   The letter was simple and yet eloquently written and contained what is perceived as Layton’s final thoughts, final arguments, and final hopes.   The passing of Jack Layton along with his letter to Canadians created an outpour of emotions and reactions from Canadians - ranging mostly from grief to inspiration being pulled from Jack’s life, career, and final statement to Canadians.   For this assignment I will analyse Jack Layton’s final letter to Canadians, studying the themes and arguments it contains to try and figure out why it took the discourse it did, becoming an important moment in Canada’s recent history.
The letter opens by thanking Canadian’s for the large amount of support that given to Layton in his final weeks of battling his illness, and goes onto a short explanation for having written the letter.   He also writes about his political recommendations for his party but in and offers support for their upcoming election.   In the first part of his letter he is taking the time to give out appreciation, both to his supporters and to his party.
I noticed that there was quite a different tone in the first part of the letter than the second part.   It seems the first section of the letter was written more formally, which makes sense as he is making...

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