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Texting And Driving Essay

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Leadership Roles and Changing Process
January 22, 2012

As we all may know that decision making plays a huge part in leadership. This is where the management team comes along. Some may think this is an easy task but it’s really not when you are put in a difficult situation and all eyes are on you to call the shots.
Leadership involves influencing followers to achieve goals. Effective leaders typically have a clear vision of what they want to do and how to do it. This is where mangers step in by inspiring and motivating others, leaders respond to emergencies as well as create innovative solutions. Leaders identify issues, research and evaluate alternative solutions and communicate action plans based on their leadership style. Leaders may emphasize completing a task, developing, personnel, directing subordinates or involving others in decision making approach to handle the current situation.
  Let’s start off with the first role of a potential manager. Task- Oriented Decision Making is when a manger typically places the most emphasis on achieving goals, such as improve financial or operational metrics, they typically arranges the organization to accomplish those tasks. By establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-constrained objective, the leader ensures each person in the organization works towards achieving the desired impact. An autocratic decision making style typically works well when training new employees, task are simple and repetitive or when there is only a short amount of time to get the job done.
Another one would be People-Oriented Decion Making this is when the leaders primary concern involves developing their followers, encourage people to express their needs, problems and concerns. The decision making process usually associated with this leadership style involves asking people for their opinion and suggestions before making a choice. This type of leader also communicates regularly with their organization to ensure...

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