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Textiles Essay

  • Submitted by: shariifa
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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To avoid any harm happening to the workers, proper training would make the workers aware of the dangerous of various machines

Workers should:

    • Wear chainmail gloves when cutting fabric
    • Wear steel shoes when moving heavy items


    • Should always have emergency stop button so that way is anything happens it can quickly be switched off
    • Cutting machines should have fitted guards to protect anyone from getting injured

When manufacturing my product it is essential that working place is kept clean and tidy and that workers are aware of their health and safety and also their way around the place so they don’t get lost.

Health and safety issues are also very important, factors in the textiles industry can be very dangerous specially when working with machines that are designed to cut, pierce and press fabric, this is because most machines have moving parts that can get very hot which can cause serious injuries. Chemicals also need to looked after carefully as they can cause pollution, which can be very hazardous   to the health.

The collar of my blazer will contain interfacing which would be applied through a conveyor fusing press with the pressure, temperature and time controlled by computers to give the garment an even finish. By doing this, it will add support, strength and structure to the fabric. To make sure that goods that are produced are of a satisfactory standard. When producing similar products they do not always turn out the same, but it is important that parts of it fit together exactly. To make sure that my product is being made to the best standard possible I will need to use quality control which would be used for each stage of the manufacturing so that my product is produced very effectively. I would use CAD for the repeated design on the lining as it could be altered easily as it is created using a computer, I can alter it so that way when adding the darts to the form of my blazer...

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