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Text Message Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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1 The Effects of Text Messaging on Students’ Literacy I cannot seem to walk across my university’s campus without seeing at least one person glued to the phone screen typing away as fast as they can. Most people have probably texted on their phones at least once. The Centre of Science Education at Sheffield University found that about ninety percent of the youth have cell phones, and that ninety- six percent of this group uses them to text (Plester,Wood, Bell 137). Americans tend to use their mobile devices to text more than to make calls (Cingel and Sundar 305). Texting is reported as the most preferred communication style (Cingel and Sundar 306). The introduction of mobile phones and texting has greatly impacted the way in which people communicate (Kemp and Bushnell 18). People no longer have to make phone calls to keep in touch with friends and family, they can now type a short message stating whatever they need to say. Text messaging has grown in popularity ever since the very first text was sent in the year 1993 by a student who was working for the Nokia Corporation (Drouin and Davis 49). Teenagers have reported an average of receiving 46.03 and sending 45.11 messages in a day (Cingel and Sundar 310). In another study, ninety percent of students in seventh to twelfth grade reported sending eleven texts per week (Kemp and Bushnell 18). Texting is thought to have possibly negative and positive effects on students’ literacy. When asked their opinion, educators said that they believe that texting has a negative effect on students’ writing skills (Verheijen 595). This belief may be a result of teachers having mentioned receiving work that contained textisms (Powell and Dixon 58). The issue of texting having effects on literacy has received media attention over the years. While it is commonly assumed that textisms have negative effects on student literacy, some studies suggest that they may also have positive effects depending on the situation in which they are...

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