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一、收入分配理论 1。市场如何决定收入 2。如何衡量不公平(收入差距) 洛伦茨线(Lorenz curve) 基尼系数(Gini coefficient) 3。衡量贫富 恩格尔系数(定律)(Engel’s Law)

Chapter 13 The labor market A.Fundamentals of wage determination 1.The general wage level 2.Demand for labor marginal productivity differentials international comparisons 3.the supply of labor determinants of supply(hours worked;[substitution effect;income effect]labor-force 3 participation;immigration)empirical findings

4.Wage differentials compensating wage differentials;labor quality;the rents of unique individuals;segmented market and noncompeting groups B.Labor union economics 1.History and practice of labor unions 2.Government and collective bargaining 3.How unions raise wages 4.Theoretical indeterminacy of collective bargaining 4

5.Effects on wages and employment has unionization raised wages? Effects on employment;lump-of-labor fallacy C.Discrimination by race and gender 1.Discrimination 2. The economics of discrimination 3.Empirical evidence 4.Reducing labor market discrimination 5.Uneven progress

第13章 劳动市场 一、工资决定的基本理论 1.一般工资水平 2.对劳动的需求(边际生产率的差异;国际比较) 3.劳动的供给(供给的决定因素;实证发现) 4.工资差异(工种差别;劳工差别;人的差异;分割的市 场和非竞争性群体) 二、工会经济学 1.美国工会的历史和实践(历史;工会的主要任务) 6 2.政府和集体协议

3.工会如何提高工资 4.集体协议在理论上的含糊之处 5.对工资和就业的影响(工会能提高工资?对就业的 影响;劳动总量谬误) 三、种族歧视和性别歧视 1.歧视 2.歧视的经济学解释(定义;排斥性歧视;歧视的偏好; 统计性歧视;对妇女的经济歧视) 3.经验证据 4.减少劳动市场歧视 7 5.不平坦的进步

Chapter 13 Figure 13-1

Wages Have Improved as Hours of Work Have Declined


Chapter 13 Figure 13-2

Demand for Labor Reflects Marginal Productivity


Chapter 13 Figure 13-3

Favorable Resources, Skills, Management, Capital, and Technology Explain High U.S. Wages


Chapter 13 Figure 13-4

As Wages Rise, Workers May Work Fewer Hours


Chapter 13 Figure 13-5

Earnings Benefit from Education and Experience


Chapter 13 Figure 13-6

Relative Income Gains Have Been Dramatic for College Graduates...

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