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Tet Holiday Essay

  • Submitted by: noodle18
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Hieu Lu
Eng 300
Internet – a friend of human
Without any doubt, internet has become more and more important and necessary for human’s life. According to Katie, “Can we really unplug?” lets us think about the importance of internet, what the society will be changed, how its effect to our life without internet. However, the internet is not all there is to life. People are quite spend too much time on the internet and become lazy on outside activities. Therefore, as Katie said she would like to use Freedom app, which is a program to limit the time using the internet. However, the Freedom App provides the opposite of what it promises because it cost $10 for one user downloading, and people likely don’t want to spend the money on this app. The question that I asked in my mind was why people still cannot control their own time on the internet as the author said “We don’t use the internet, the internet used us.” I think the problem with excessive internet use represents what is a distinctively people’s issue: Lack of self-control.
Internet is a tool for all of people to use for their job, their life, and their business. It helps people not only on organizing the information, but it also helps people find many solutions with “1 click.” Because its wonderful features, people depend on it rapidly. Doing research, reading newspaper or books is now on the internet. They do not need to go to the store or library to do these things. Moreover, shopping online is becoming popular because they think they can save time to walk and look around in a store. My cousin who is just 16 years old spend all of her time on the Facebook, and she could not do anything because she was too addicted to the internet. Even she has Freedom apps, It cannot work at all because it can only limit maximum 8 hours a day. During those 8 hours, she might just stay at home, wait for passing those 8 hours, and continue using the internet. The internet make people forget how to communicate in the...

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