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Testing in Recruitment Process Essay

  • Submitted by: daeunjung
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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As technologies develop, method of testing has been slightly changed. Online testing is one of examples. It can make applicants take test anywhere even in overseas just as long as the Internet is working.
There are some other advantages of online testing. Firstly it is very efficient because it required very less physical space than paper test. Also, company can use multimedia, which makes test styles more interactive by using flash or videos, it makes questions more understandable. And it can reduce long-term cost.
But, there are some problems too. Firstly, other person may undertake test so test taker verification is also an issue of online testing. Next problem is standardisation. Test taker can be affected by not only the testing environment but also the quality of the device display. So,

Now, I’m going to talk about how these testing be used in reality which is key presentation of my part. First case is about specialist police who work with victims of child abuse or sexual assault. These workers are more likely to be exposed to psychological risk so police department sought support from their expert to develop proactive approaches, including recruitment strategies. In this process, experts assess applicants’ personality so they can figure out who is more suitable personality profile for working in law enforcement. Also they try to understand personal history of exposure to trauma because it and its subsequent management play a key part in the positive or negative psychological health. Next one is capacity to retain cognitive focus which means they assess applicants’ this rather than an emotional focus when they are undertaking child abuse case and sexual assault. Lastly, they assess the capacity to maintain sense of humour. Well-timed humour can take toxicity out of the moment and it helps in maintaining a positive mood and therefore the ability to continue with the task. So, police department is trying to prevent workers from psychological risk and...

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