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Tesla Motors Essay

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Tesla Motors inc. is an American based company which designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components.  The company was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley Engineers who saw an opportunity to mass-produce electric vehicles as substitutes for the ordinary gasoline powered vehicles. They have an exceptional vision; as the first public American company since the Ford, Tesla has started the revolution by mass producing first of all-electric vehicles. Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. Their technology offers the most efficient path to a sustainable energy future. No hybrids. No hydrogen. No hype. Their vehicles are all-electric and environmentally responsible. Tesla has taken the notion of an electric future beyond theory and is about to fundamentally alter one of the most critical aspects of our society. Their opportunity to revolutionize the whole industry and change the modern day understanding of transportation is huge and real.
Tesla Motors has taken the auto industry towards a more sustainable future and has managed to challenge every perception of what a car really is. Upon its IPO in 2010, Tesla became the first public American company in over fifty years, since Ford in 1956. But when compared to the big Three American automakers General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford, Tesla has proved to be different in every imaginable way. Besides rejecting the traditional internal combustion engines, Tesla opted to manufacture in California, far from the influence of Detroit, home of Big Three. Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto expresses its declination to status quo, as well as the emphasis on cutting edge technology.

The Global Auto Industry
The global auto industry is pretty crowded; there are hundreds of car manufacturers. However power remains in the hands of few industry giants: Toyota, GM and Volkswagen are the three...

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