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Teen Driving Essay

  • Submitted by: deliced
  • on August 19, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Delice Dubose
Ms.Brown 4th Period
Learning to drive is just like learning to walk, almost everyone has to learn at some point or another, right? Lawmakers are considering raising the age requirement for teen driving . However, driving at a young age teaches a teenager responsibility, gives them responsibility and teaches them time management, all of which, are basic fundamentals of transitioning into adulthood. Therefore, not changing the age requirement will allow teens to make a much smoother transition into becoming an adult.
First and foremost, if one does not have responsibility, how are they to be trusted or treated later in life? Responsibility is the key to maturity. Driving gives teens realization that whenever they are driving, their own life and the lives of their passengers is in their hands. Responsibility is the main aspect of becoming a young adult.
Secondly, independence comes with responsibilities. Once a teen is able to get around on his or her own, they will have the privilege of driving themselves to wherever they need to be, such as school, church, or work. This gives them opportunity to stop depending on others to get around from day to day. It is imperative as an adult to be as independent as possible. Independence is a characteristic that gives one the true title of “adult”.
Lastly, Time management is a fundamental that is given when a teen learns to drive. They will learn to be on time for every event they will encounter throughout life. Being late because of their own poor time management will teach them to get better at managing their time over a period of time.
Although many car accidents each year are caused by teens, teen driving brings more positivity than negativity. Teen driving teaches them responsibility, independence and time management. These are characteristics that are imperative in becoming an adult.

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