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Ted Talks Essay

  • Submitted by: frostieorange
  • on April 16, 2015
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1) Summarize the “Ted” talk or selected video.
Shawn Anchor talked about positive psychology and the way we tend to look at success and happiness backwards. Most people follow a success then happiness formula but after success if the goalposts of success keep changing, it’s hard to find happiness. Instead of assuming that future achievement will bring happiness into our lives, we need to change our frame of mind to be happier and more positive. This happier and more positive way of thinking will contribute considerably to the likelihood that we will actually achieve that success.
2) Identify the assumptions made by the speaker.
              Shawn says that 75% of job successes are predicted by qualities of a positive attitude: optimism,                     social behavior, and the ability to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat. His “Happiness Advantage” theory shows that your brain is 31% more productive when you are in a happier mindset at work, and your intelligence, creativity, and energy levels are significantly higher. We focus on if we are able to accomplish a goal, then we will be happy. Unfortunately, we then just replace the “If” with a new goal and push happiness beyond the mental horizon. Shawn uses the concept that if you first get yourself to                     a positive space, then you will happier and more productive.
3) Describe any evidence given to support these assumptions.                                                          

Shawn has done research in numerous countries in companies and schools where he has had the people do 5 tasks for 21 days in order to increase their level of happiness. The results also follow into their productivity at work or school. At the University of Virginia, he also piloted a program where he provided the information on the Happiness Challenge to be followed for 21 days and found very positive results with 81% of participants increasing their level of happiness.
4) Are there...

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