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Ted Hughes Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: florencelee
  • on April 3, 2014
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Hughes’ poetry criticises society for its complacency, ignorance, fear of challenges and failure to explore new ideas. He also explores alternative states of spirituality challenging and opposing Christianity and the traditional values of God in favour of elevating the status of the poet as a shaman, spiritual leader and as a social healer. Inspiring as the purity of nature, he is able to draw analogies with nature. Ted Hughes conveys these warnings through ‘The Jaguar’; where the destructive impact of oppression is explored by drawing an analogy between animal complacency and apathy with humans of the post war era and also a disconnection from natural energies. ‘The Thought Fox’, then shows us a solution to this indolence and conformity through the reconnection and elevation of art, rather than through religious conventions.

Hughes draws an analogy with human to represent the conformity and complacency of his society and to explore the detrimental impact of authority and institution on individual freedom. In ‘The Jaguar’, Hughes displays the majestic animals as ‘fatigued with indolence, tiger and lion. Lay still as the ‘sun.’ which subverts our expectations of these wild animals, and implies how some of those who are thought to be powerful are actually apathetic and ignorant. Hughes is showing that people believe structure and rules are security, but fear is actually security and this is the paradox of conformity. Hughes creates a pun on the word ‘sun’ as he alludes to the future generation of “sons” as equally apathetic and stagnant. Hughes connotes the dangers of society developing a learnt helplessness and developing an apathetic approach to their entrapment through descriptions of wild animals losing their natural instincts. He offers an alternative solution to this placidity and lack of curiosity, with the image of the Jaguar.

Hughes has suggested that a fearful society becomes indolent, however, as the jaguar shows, natural energies and drives still...

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