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Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: midnite67
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: English
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Technology Essay-

Cell phones are most likely the worst & best inventions known to man.   This paper will give you the bad and the good sides of cell phone technology and some of their features..
The reasons that technology is bad are that it has become addictive to so many people. The days of face-to-face to communication are thing of the past and the days of instant, “I want it know” gratification with the smart phones looking things up has made many people into anti-social brain dead excuse of humanity.   Texting, web browsing and checking email has caused car wrecks and seems cause a form of illiteracy from people just using little phrases, for example using   “ 4 U” and “ LOL”, instead of full sentences. Smart phones are today’s spell checker, shopping cart, look up for facts with Google , dictionary and thesaurus which is making much of us lazy and forgetting who is really around   us to help us out. Verbal communication between people seems to be gone, the smartphone generation, for example, can be at restaurant between two people and these people will have entire conversation with each other over texting. Smartphones have YouTube to find repairs because going out working or learning a trade looking up a book is too difficult. I am not sure when the last I saw a teenager the public was, but I am sure it was a long time ago.
The good side of smart phones is that makes us look at things that we never had before. We have the instant communication. We can now call, text and email someone on the other side of the world just to say hello. Besides even calling, many smartphones have webcams and we can have web chats with family members now that make us feel closer than ever before. The days of only seeing family during the holidays is now a thing of the past. So just sending out a Christmas cards or gathering around the Thanksgiving table no longer is only reason to see each other. Also, in an emergency situation, we have quick lines to call   911 when needed....

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