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Technology and Internet Media: What Is Their Message? Essay

  • Submitted by: kevinfong90
  • on April 14, 2015
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Technology and Internet Media: What is their Message?

    While reading an old science fiction novel or watching an old science fiction film, most likely what would be seen is a world that is run by very advanced technology.   The things that were once only left to the imagination, like wireless telephones, bluetooth, tablets, smartphones, and apps, are now seen in the world today.   In the world today technology rules, and with this new era of technology, social media has risen to an all time high like never before.   All this technology gives the user an ease of access to media like never before. It also has created a dependency that is sadly equivalent to that of a drug addict.   Things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other internet based media mostly rule the minds of today’s generation.   These internet medias today are taking over the time of the user, teaching bad social skills, and even causing cultural changes to the people of this generation and the generations to follow.

    First off, time consumption is a big issue faced with social medias.   A huge cause of this would be the introduction of the mobile phone, or the smartphone to be more specific.   In this era of technology, the smartphone is a huge innovation that allows the user access to the internet anytime and anywhere.   “Advancements in this technology allow users not just to communicate but also use different applications such as camera, internet, music player, games, social media etc” (Isiklar).   All things that have stunted the physical and social activity of people in this generation.   It allows people to be distracted and zoned out from the world around them.   This new ease of access to the internet has also brought a very noticeable rise in social media usage.   Some data showing this is found in a 2012 article,   “Infographic: The Growing Impact of Social Media”, by John Delaney, Nathan Salminen and Eunice Lee. This article states that since 2006 the average time spent on...

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