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Technology And Communication Essay

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Technology and Communication
Carl McElwain
CJA 304
January 30, 2012
Kevin Gjertsen

Technology and Communication
      In this essay, this author is discussing a comparison between three types of specialized databases and the positive and negative effects these new technologies have on communication. Included in this discussion is the reason about which new specialized technology this author would like to use and why.

      The first specialized database this author would like to discuss is IAFIS or Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. This specialized technology provides detailed information to law enforcement agencies by cross-referencing incoming data with that of existing profiles.

      One positive aspect of the IAFIS system is the specifications in which it operates on. The Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) updated the existing interface which was the Electronic Fingerprint Transmission System (EFTS) by allowing for more data inclusion regarding updated access to identification parameters. "The scope of EBTS has been expanded to include additional biometrics (e.g., palm print, facial, and iris) in recognition of the rapidly developing biometric identification industry."   (fbi.gov, n.d.)

      Another positive aspect of IAFIS is the percentages of law enforcement increase as years progress. This shows the reliability of this database as highly effective. "As of December 2011, the use of IAFIS reduced the use of traditional methods by 97.8 percent."   (fbi.gov, n.d.)   This makes for a great advance in the speed of communication between law enforcement agencies. Unlike in the past where officers waited for the departments reply, the speed and reliability of this database assists information requisition ten-fold.

      The negative aspect of IAFIS in communication is that this database could be susceptible to data theft, power outages, and internal corruption. This can be prevented by maintaining a...

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