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Technology Essay

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Technology Worksheet

Use the following table to identify at least five different forms of technology that have affected communication in the workplace. Include a 100- to 150-word description of the effects each form of technology has had on communication and, more specifically, communication in health care.

Technology Effect on Communication Effects on Communication in Health Care
Instant Messaging Instant messaging is used by just about everyone in the world, because it is a fast way to communicate and it will instantly show up on someones computer screen or mobile device. It is the most used form of communication in businesses. This has replaced most phone and email conversations. This is not a good way to communicate in health care as privacy could be violated and HIPPA Laws.
Data visulization This is a tool that will show large, complex and dynamic data. Businesses will use this to utilized big opportunities. They can visualized relationship and patterns between operational and business activities. Will be able to identify and act on new trends at a faster rate. Be able to interact directly and manipulate data and foster new business language. This is useful in health care because health care professionals can use the data for quality imporvements in health care.
Online Video This is a low cost way of sharing videos and websites. Youtube is a large website of video content that is used by millions of people around the world. This can be used for product demonstration, company overviews, promotional presentations, and training videos for new employees, or to update current employees trainings. Online video would only be useful in health care to learn about a new treatment or medicine being used to help patients.
Podcasting Podcasting is portable and a convienet way to see content. You can download audio and video recordings. You can listen to college lectures and lectures for business. Businesses use podcasts to replace conference calls, memos,...

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