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Teach Me Essay

  • Submitted by: rvargas2500996
  • on August 20, 2015
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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.
-Benjamin Franklin.


A teacher that has made me have a better perspective of learning inside the classroom, and that has made learning joyful and meaningful for me would me Mrs. Gracie Guzman. Her class may not be the most interesting and or the most joyful, but I know that every time I step foot inside that classroom I’m going to learn something new. Whether it being writing a short answer response, or an essay over drama, for example “Romeo and Juliet”, my experience in that class will never change. Her way of teaching is just so unique you can’t even put it in detail. She breaks down every single thing you can think about, for example a poem in french and even a Shakespeare book. She tries to make your life way easier by staying up late at night tweaking her notes to give out the next day in class. She takes her time while grading essays, and even gives us insight and feedback on what should be changed to make it better. She is not like other teachers that you turn in something and they’ll give you a 100 right away, well in Mrs. Guzman’s class that never happens you have to earn the grade you want by working for it. There’s no babysitting in her class. You get to the point and you do it, or you don’t and you pay the consequences. She loves to be organized like me and that’s something I look up to. Some kids in my class might roll their eyes an or give her attitude because we are doing something new every day but she’s doing it for our own good because she wants us to succeed and that’s an impact that I can reflect on. Mrs. Guzman is really a special person I can thank when I’m older because she really is someone that impacted my learning career not just physically but mentally.
With all due respect this teacher I’m going to talk about needs help know. A message I have for her would be why she made my 8th grade algebra class the worst time of my life, and why she made suffer...

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