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Tda 3.11 Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Assignment TDA 3.11
Supporting Literacy Development

Assessor: Samantha Pearson

Qualified – CACHE Level Three Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

The opportunity to apply for a specialist responsibility in supporting literacy development has arisen in your educational environment.   For your interview you have been asked to prepare information to show that you can:

Literacy means the ability to read and write. Only recently has the word ‘literacy’ been applied as the definitive term for reading and writing, mostly since the introduction of the National Literacy Strategy in schools. The skills of reading and writing complement each other and develop together, it therefore makes sense to use the term ‘literacy’. Reading and writing are forms of communication based on the spoken language. Effective speaking and listening skills are essential in order to develop literacy skills.
The progression of literacy skills is a vital aspect of development and learning. Without the ability to read, write and listen children and young people may not be able to function effectively in school, college, university or at work or communicate with others about their ideas and participate fully and safely in the community. Literacy enables children and young people to express themselves creatively and productively.
The majority of jobs and careers rely on an element of basic literacy (and numeracy) skills. Literacy is required in our everyday lives, to keep us safe by being able to read signs and follow instructions, read directions, reading newspapers, recipes, food labels, dealing with household finances. Literacy also enables us to progress with technology by being able use computers competently, surfing the internet and being able to read and write emails.
As the heart of all learning lies the two key skills, literacy and numeracy. Literacy is possibly the more important of both skills as children and young people need literacy in order to access further...

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